Two minds bound by music, that would be the perfect description of Max and Frank. Better known as Falsch.

Falsch was created back in 2014. On a clubnight in their hometown the two childhood friends were reunited after years of no contact. They discovered they shared a love of the same music and the timing couldn’t have been better. Max was already performing solo for a couple of years and Frank had just started learning playing music himself. A new dynamic couple, with a very specific and similar kind of track selection, was born.

Thanks to some friends, Max’s own partyconcept Rave Atelier and hard work they’ve had the opportunity to show their potential at lots of party’s and festivals and even share the stage with some well respected artists like HOSH, Karmon, Patrice Baumel, Marco Resmann, Gardens of god, Locked groove, and good friends Kapibara.

On their dancefloor no one can escape the good vibe and high energy. The melodic synths, lots of percussion and heavy basslines they put into their sets makes them a distinctive pair. Falsch has the ability to read the crowd’s energy with their eyes closed and adjust perfectly to every setting!

Nowadays, Falsch is present at some serious festivals and they are focusing on recording their first track, so keep your eye on this ying and yang duo!


Mail: info@warehouse-collective.com